Our Story

Wax Treasures & Feathers is an Aboriginal (First Nations) owned, managed, and run small business focused on providing and creating Aboriginal and pagan inspired metaphysical tools and sacred objects that everyone can use. From the 'everyday' spirit warrior, to lightworkers, starseeds, or anybody who is interested in empowering and healing themselves with spiritual weaponry that has been made by a practicing healer / medicine woman harnessing the powers and healing properties of nature.

Everything we do is focused on healing naturally and that includes healing our land and Mother Nature. We are very careful and selective in how and where we source our ingredients and tools. Everything has been legally, ethically, and respectfully, gathered and acquired. 

We use only organic, cruelty free and vegan friendly ingredients in our wellness products (detailed information can be found in our products section) and ensure that our feathers, crystals, and all other materials are sourced from like minded people who respect our culture, animals, plants, and lands. This includes taking accountability by ensuring we know where all of our tools including crystals come from and the process in which they are harvested. 

We honour Mother Earth and show gratitude for all that she gives us, especially the instruments in which we have used to create for ourselves and others products  to manifest love and a spiritual connection to nature. 

Love, respect honesty and kindness are some of the greatest forces in the universe. We hope you feel the essence and pure intention in every single tool and creation purchased from us.