Dried Herbs - Chamomile

Dried Herbs - Chamomile

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Chamomile Flowers are sweet-scented herbs that leave a trace of apple or vanilla-like fragrance in the air. Its most magical energy is centred on providing a soothing and calming effect on anyone, turning any negative energy into positive and beneficial ones. Chamomile is a dry, fiery herb that produces a slow yet steady warmth that induces a calming sensation to the body. The feathery leaves and white flowers of Chamomile hold a ray of positivity and a gentle spirit that keeps you aligned with your energetic flow. 

It is considered as a cure-all herb and was often used as an offering to the gods and goddesses of the ancient Egyptians. As a part of ancient earth practices, Chamomile Flowers are used in many prosperity spells and rituals. 

Chamomile Flowers have been medicinal plants for centuries. This herb is also referred to as a childbed flower because of its comforting and gentle healing capacity that is best for curing childhood ailments. Chamomile also earned its nickname ‘plant’s physician’ through its healing presence that extends even to other neighbouring plants.

With influential magical attributes and sunny nature, Chamomile is commonly planted and used by modern witches as a natural first-aid home remedy to illnesses of the mind and body. 

Chamomile Flowers mirror the beauty of tenderness. They release heavy emotions of guilt and inspire people to let go of grudges. Chamomile guarantees protection, abundance, and healing experiences while gently touching the soul with its loving and compassionate hands.

Luck: If you want to attract luck in relationships and business ventures, Chamomile Flowers can be used as an infusion or as a lucky charm.

Tranquillity: Witches who love to relax can find their haven with Chamomile, use it in every meditation practice or slip a leaf under your bed or pillow.

Protection: To protect your home and family members against dangerous forces, Chamomile Flowers can be used as a floor wash. 

Harmony: For witches who struggle to resolve a conflict between their friends and loved ones, Chamomile Flowers can be added in potpourris.

Love: Whether a witch desires to attract or let go of someone they used to love, Chamomile can be added in baths and used in love potions.


As resins, powders, herbs and flowers can vary significantly in weight all of our blends, resins, herbs and flowers are sold in small paper packs that are 10.5 x 6cm in size.

price is for 1 pack, if you are looking for large quantities please contact me directly to discuss

We care for the environment and so all packaging is paper which can be recycled and doesn't contribute to the growing amount of plastics that are damaging our water ways oceans and filling land fill. Please recycle where ever possible