Goanna Dreaming Necklace

Goanna Dreaming Necklace

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“Goanna Dreaming” necklace.

Made from Goanna ribs and shed skin. 

Goanna as a spirit animal, the primary lessons of goanna is that of protection. It is important to know how to protect and defend yourself. The first thing you need in order to do this, is a strong locus of self worth. Then you believe you are worth protecting and have the confidence, and even the arrogance to defend yourself.

Knowing how to protect yourself is important.

It may be important at this time to teach others how to protect themselves. Are there people around you who could benefit from your skills? Is there someone who needs to learn how to fight for themselves? You have acquired abilities in self-protection that could benefit others.

Goanna highlights all lessons relating to strength, both inner and outer. Goanna reminds us that we are strong not only when we protect and defend ourselves, but also when we show the courage to face our own emotions and to share them with others in our community.

There is an element of pride to the energy of goanna. Pride is an inner strength and self-respect, joy in your accomplishments or the accomplishments of your culture and community, and finally it is a refusal to be humiliated. in moderation pride is a nourishing concept that goanna teaches us to embrace.

Goanna teaches the benefits of shamanic journeying, embracing altered state of consciousness, Goanna is a good guide animal or guide for those interested in mystical states and experiences.


*All animal parts used in Wax Treasures Feathers artists Amanda's creations and artisan jewellery pieces are ethically sourced and acquired. 

**Amanda only commences work on her animal pieces on the night of a full moon seeking permission off the animal, smoking and cleansing them before proceeding to clean and create her art pieces.