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Animism is a belief that inanimate, miraculous qualities exists in the natural world. It is also the belief that everything is infused with a life force giving each object personality, perception and spirit.

In indigenous cultures all over the world the practice of Animism is ancient.

Animism recognizes that the universe is alive with spirits and that humans are interrelated with them.

Animistic belief systems hold that this spirit survives physical death and can see what is happening with its remains.

In some instances, the spirit remains on earth as a ghost, often becoming malignant in the process. This is often the case in a violent or traumatic death where the animal is not respected.

It is my belief that the afterlife involves a journey to the spirit world upon which the spirit must not become lost and so by cleaning, caring, and tending to animal remains or parts, I am healing the soul of the animal so that it may continue on its journey returning to the earthly planes as a visitor instead of a prisoner.

I also believe that rocks, trees fossils, and the animal spirits leave behind residual energy and power that can be harnessed by those gifted with the ability to communicate with spirits. Skulls and other parts can be used as familiars or guardians and protectors, as the soul often doesn’t travel too far from its vessel and is known to return from time to time, so its of great importance that each piece is treated with great respect.

Animals, trees, rocks, water, earth are often seen as a commodities or even a nuisance to the human species. There is a expectation of ownership or being above everything that surrounds us. Humans are overcome with their consumption, pleasure, greed and this false belief of entitlement and it is this that has caused so much harm to the land that sustains us.  It is my belief that humans could learn a lot from nature. It is the animals, land, waters, trees and plants that are godly and we as humans don’t deserve the reverence, love and beauty and wisdom they gift us. 


22 products
  • African porcupine quills
  • Atlantasite Wombat
  • Australian Salt Water Crocodile head
  • Deer Skin / Pelt
  • Extra large seahorse
  • Goanna Dreaming Necklace
  • Kangaroo leather hide chrome tanned in white - extra large
  • Kangaroo Leather Lacing
  • Kangaroo leather lacing
  • Kangaroo pelts
  • Labradorite Cicada
  • Labradorite Deer carving
  • Marngrooks (possum skin ball)
  • Owl feather earrings
  • Possum skin
  • Possum skin shawl making kit & tutorial