Materials & Ingredients

Everything we do is focused on healing naturally and that includes healing our land and Mother Nature. We are very careful and selective in where we source our ingredients or tools.

We want to be transparent in our processes. To ensure that when you buy from us you are confident that anything from Wax Treasures Feathers has been sourced, harvested and created with the purest of intentions.

Feathers and Animal products: 
Our feathers are all government approved and licensed and come from live birds whom are very much loved and cared for, they are all natural moulted feathers (gifts from the birds) which we are honoured to be able to use. They are from sanctuaries zoos and wildlife rehabilitation centres. Moulting usually occurs in the summer months which is why our feathers and jewellery pieces are truly rare, culturally & spiritually significant. 

Much like the birds who gifted them all feathers are unique with no two the same.
Interesting fact: Did you know that echidnas moult their quills?
Our native pieces are rare and very special and significant and can not be massed produced. They are made in limited numbers, so when using our native pieces in jewellery we want to honour the animals and only use sterling silver or kangaroo leather.
Our skulls and other animal products are from private properties, road kill, licensed taxidermists and conservationists (crocodile teeth / shark products).
We also receive (gifted) by ex hunters looking for redemption and forgiveness who have found the beauty in nature. We also use animal products from mob who have native titles and are permitted to hunt (in limited numbers) and use our native fauna for cultural practices. Our deer antlers etc are naturally found or from those permitted to hunt these beautiful creatures to limit impact and the damage they cause to our native fauna and forests (as they are an introduced species).
Crystals and Gemstones:
Our crystals are sourced here in Melbourne with an emphasis on Australian crystals and minerals. We also don’t support commercial mining and the destruction of our lands so our crystals come from private small mining leases. It’s important to us to know where our crystals are from and where they are sourced to ensure that it is done ethically & respectfully .
Wellbeing products: 
Candles and their ingredients we only use Ecosoy blends, they are Vegan friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. 100% GM free with no pesticides or herbicides used at any stage in its cultivation. Soya beans are, of course, a renewable source and the wax is naturally bio-degradable. Safe around children and animals ❤️❤️❤️
Our soaps are sourced from a local Melbourne small business soap maid and are Handmade vegan soaps, made with the highest quality oils and butters. soap bars are formulated with a combination of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Organic Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. They are all 100% palm oil free, 100% phthalate free and vegan friendly.
Our tea blends come fresh direct from a small private grower who hand harvests our ingredients, no pesticides or preservatives are used at all during the growing, harvesting or drying and packaging process. 
Our essential oil blends are hand made at the Wax Treasures Feathers HQ  only using organic vegan friendly 100% pure ingredients such as eucalyptus, coconut oil, tea tree oil and distilled water.
Wherever possible we try to recycle all boxes and packaging materials to minimise our carbon footprint and reduce waste and land fill  and our impact on Mother Nature.
Any questions please ask ❤️🙏🏽