Collection: Raw Stones / Rough Pieces

When it comes to crystals the stronger the better right? And what could be stronger than a raw rough piece straight from Mother Nature. 
Raw stones possess strong and sporadic energy showcasing the Natural wonder of Mother Earth. 

Many crystal lovers, healers and collectors Feel much stronger energy in raw rough stones and therefore it’s essential that you take the strength of the crystal and it’s purpose into consideration. Sometimes the gentle healing powers of a tumble stone is required for example in meditations and chakra healing. 

Raw stones are those you want to emanate energy throughout a space a home or an office. 

27 products
  • Amethyst Cluster - High grade AAA+
  • Banded Tiger iron
  • Black Tourmaline Raw
  • Clear quartz points (small)
  • Covellite (rare)
  • Crinoid Jimbacrinus bostocki
  • Crinoid Jimbacrinus bostocki
  • Crinoid Jimbacrinus bostocki
  • Epidote sterling silver pendant
  • Fushsite Raw
  • Kunzite Sterling Silver Pendant
  • Labradorite Freeform Stone
  • Malachite half polished free form
  • Malachite polished free form
  • Mookaite raw
  • Mookaite slabs