Collection: Spiritbird Dreaming Jewellery Collection

The spirit bird Dreaming Collection is an artisan jewellery line brought to life by the beauty and quality of the exquisite rare feathers used in each piece. Every jewellery piece comes with individual permit and licensing details as it is an offense to be in the possession of some of our birds including feathers. our birds are highly protected and the industry is strictly regulated to ensure that our beautiful birds continue to thrive and bless us with their presence for generations to come 

every piece is designed to be simple yet breathtaking it is the intention to let the spirit of the bird speak for itself.  All pieces are individual and one of a kind just like the bird they came from.

All feathers come from live birds who are very much alive, loved and taken care of.

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  • blue winged kookaburra feather earrings
  • Owl feather earrings
  • Red tailed black cockatoo feather earrings
  • Waa (crow ) feather earrings
  • Wedge tailed eagle feather earrings