Collection: Tumblestones

Many people like to use tumbled stones for spiritual healing techniques, for practicing mindfulness, and for meditation.
They are also frequently carried inside pockets or purses as tokens of good luck or as shields against negative energies.
They are favourites for many due to the fact they can be carried on ones person.
28 products
  • Amethyst Small Tumble 50g
  • Apache Tear Tumble
  • Bloodstone Tumble
  • Blue Quartz Tumble
  • Blue Topaz Tumble - A Grade Stone
  • Carnelian Tumble
  • Citrine Polished Tumble
  • Clear Quartz Tumble
  • Dalmatian Jasper Tumble
  • Golden Aura Tumble
  • Green Aventurine Tumble
  • Hematite Polished Tumble
  • Jet Tumble
  • Lapis Lazuli Tumble
  • Malachite half polished free form
  • Malachite polished free form