Dried Herbs /flowers -  Cinnamon sticks

Dried Herbs /flowers - Cinnamon sticks

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Cinnamon can be used for protection as well. Tie nine cinnamon sticks together and hang them over the doorway and placed cinnamon on the window sill to protect the home from unwanted guests and energies. It makes sense that cinnamon harbours protective energies. Something about the warm, inviting aroma of cinnamon reminds us of the comfort and cosy of home, where we feel safe.

Cinnamon is also connected to the Sun, a masculine force which lends cinnamon its protective energies. And while cinnamon sticks carry solar energies, the cinnamon tree is said to be of the moon, embodying lunar energies. Because of its lunar connection, cinnamon can help raise psychic, divinatory and clairvoyant energies.

Place some cinnamon sticks in the pouch you carry your Tarot deck in, or near your other divinatory tools, to raise their clairvoyant energy. You can also keep cinnamon on your altar or sacred space for this same effect.