Emu Dreaming necklace workshop Friday the 12th of April 2024 @ 7pm

Emu Dreaming necklace workshop Friday the 12th of April 2024 @ 7pm

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“our feathers carry with them ancestral and spirit messages from the heavens above. Emu feathers are soft and light representing the spirits that we can not see but often feel & hear in the gentle whispers of the wind.

it’s my l hope that when wearing thid emu feather necklaces the wearer  feels the presence of their ancestors softly and quietly walking along side them, providing them with strength, courage and comfort in the fact they are never truly alone especially in the times in which they need it the most.”


Last year I had my heart broken and confidence destroyed after I created a necklace to be worn on the red carpet at the Oscar’s (academy awards) only to have the person I gifted it to, claim it as their own and then refuse to acknowledge what they had done. Worse was for speaking my truth and speaking out about it , l the person responsible for doing it, had all media pulled about my necklace and the hand painted dress which was made by another well known  Aboriginal artist Delvene Cockatoo Collins. My truth and naive nature impacted others on a night that should of been something to be proud of. the guilt I felt was crippling and it caused me to withdraw and as a consequence I stopped sharing my emu dreaming necklace workshop. Twice in 12 months I’ve shared this workshop


So on the 11th of march this year it was  the 1 year anniversary of one of the worst days of my life. I realise that the actions of one person shouldn’t cause me to be fearful of sharing, fact is in 5 years only 1 person has stolen my artwork and withdrawing from my gift is only causing me further harm. I like to believe that most people are genuine, respectful and kind and I need your help to reclaim my power, my confidence and to share my art piece and its creation story.


I’m doing a limited amount of  private workshops via zoom where you will be able to sit with me and create under my guidance your own emu dreaming necklace.

All participants receive their own individual kits which have everything you need to make your own finished piece.


Over 2 hrs you will get to hear its story and significance and  share this culturally immersive and therapeutic workshop based on a traditional women’s circle that utilises modern technology. You will laugh, share stories and create in a culturally safe space. All are welcome and all abilities can participate.

Everyone who has participated in this workshop has loved it


Workshop date :


Friday the 12th  of april 2024 @ 7pm



note: this necklace it’s story and it’s process are the intellectual property of Wax Treasures Feathers and subject to copyright laws. This is not to be recreated in a workplace, school, organisation or workplace, the permission granted is for personal use only and by purchasing additional kits you are legally agreeing to the above terms