(Mini) Smoke stick

(Mini) Smoke stick

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These smoke sticks are hand created and made with care and pure intentions. they have been created so that we can have access to smoke that heals us at home whenever we need to feel connected, seen, heard and cleansed 

Throughout history many Ancient  Cultures have used smoke in traditional practices and sacred rituals.

Smoking ceremonies have been apart of Aboriginal culture for over 60,000 years and are still practiced today.

The plants used in traditional ceremonies differ depending on which mob you are from and the flora available on country.

A common theme across all our mobs is the symbolism and purpose. We use plants to represent our elders, our children, our land and waters. We use smoking ceremonies to cleanse, to heal, and to welcome. We use the smoke to cleanse people, homes, places and even things. We use it to clear away any painful, negative, evil or bad energy and to awaken our ancestral spirits so that they see us on country and keep us safe.

While smoking ceremonies have been modernised over the years it is still

important to know the protocols and the significance of the process.

The plants we harvest must be done with care and knowledge, we must ask permission from the plants and harvest respectfully never taking more than what we need. We need to ensure that we are not harming our plants by taking from them. Certain types of Acacia plants die if they are not harvested incorrectly. Lemon gum is also a protected species in Victoria and there are huge fines so being caught harvesting from these plants.

We also need to be aware of the Traditional owners of the lands that you are on.

I am on Wurundjeri land so although I use Wurundjeri plants it is not my place to be able to share their stories or sacred ceremonial plants. respect for the sacredness of this practice, for each other and our land is one of the biggest rules when it comes to sharing or using this practice.

Celtic beliefs  are that herbs and flowers such as lavender, rose, sage played a significant role in healing and all things magic. With my smoke sticks they are a beautiful combination of both cultures, paying homage to all of my Ancestors

They are a modern take on our traditional smoking ceremony  and include traditional ceremonial plants as well as some beautiful seasonal botanicals.